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Friday, February 16, 2007

Choosing a good Cell phone plan with WireFly and Tabbed Browsing

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Many people these days spontaneously switch from one cell plan to the next when their contract comes up. Some people even pay to get out of old contracts paying out up to $200 or sometimes a pro-rated amount depending on the remaining time on their contract. 

They look at the new cell phone plan and sometimes make quick judgements about how many minutes to get and what texting options or internet options they need. 

The problem is that they are often in the middle of a transition and they are attempting to compare apples to oranges in a plan from mobile company A to a new plan from Mobile Company B.

Our sponsor Wirefly makes the switch easier to find not just a good cell phone deal but the cell phone deal that fits the best for your needs.  They can help you find the great price on that new cell phone as they walk you through the mobile carrier options.  All of the mobile carriers subsidize their cellular phone and at the end of the day the prices from one carrier to the next are not that different.  They may brand a RAZR with variations on the color pink, but its still a pink RAZR at the end of the day.

The service package offering, the ala carte options for those plans and the service package pricing provide the devilish details that make choosing a good plan complex and that is where Wirefly can help you make a better decision and more informed choice.

Through their site you can shop plans through the major US carriers, through prepaid plan providers and even many of the specialty or regional carriers like Amp'd or US Cellular or Disney Mobile.  Plus, I'll give you a tip to help price compare.

1.  Enter your zip code and then right click on one of the options for a carrier to submit the zip code and have it open the result in a new tab.

2.  Go back to the original screen and repeat this for each carrier you are interested in.  Then you can compare carrier to carrier plan to plan results in multiple tabs!

Note it does help to have Firefox or IE7 to do this as the new browsers support tabbed internet browsing.