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Friday, February 09, 2007

Online Commission Rebate Hybrid

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A company named Ebates is changing the structure of retail sales forces and rebate management companies.  They are consolidating essentially the commission process with the rebate process and turning the consumer into the sale person at the same time! has an online account system that allows consumers to setup an account with their company.  The consumers can then make purchases through Ebates system.  Ebates receives an affiliate sales commission from small and large retailers like target.

Ebates keeps a portion and gives the other portion to the consumer after the sale has taken place and the affiliate commission funds have been received.  The commission is essentially turned into a rebate and a portion provided to the consumer for completing the transaction through Ebates. 

Through this model consumers can earn up to 25% Ebate (Rebate Commissions) from their purchases. Ebates system also confirms that the customer completed the transaction and that they utilized Ebates exclusive system for the purchase.