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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Belisi Brand Designs Clothing Accessories

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You won't have to worry about Peter Belisi shopping for fabric at Wal-Mart.  He targets high end shoppers looking for fine clothing accessories.  Belisi Brands and designs have become one of our preferred sponsors.  Peter Belisi founded his fashion company and his website beingbelisi.  He started his company started with a tie collection that would not stop.  Peter Belisi worked his way up from a bar tender in Palm Beach to the founder of a fashion and design firm.

According to a recent release his Belisi Brand works to merge the fashion, style, character and presence of Palm Beach living with that of Italian simplicity and beauty in design.  Belisi learned early on that completing a great look requires more than putting a few components together.  Peter found the devil in the details and Belisi manages to push out great looks and styles in his products to savy customers.  His unique styles definitely can work to compliment great clothing.

His website offers up some of his designs and also practical tips for wearing his accessories, from information about handbags to tips on which knot should be utilized with a particular type of shirt.