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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cingular Wireless to be Rebranded as AT&T

After spending one billion dollars last year to rebrand SBC Communications to the AT&T name, Cingular Wireless will also have its name changed to AT&T.


SBC had acquired AT&T prior to the first name change and Edward Whitacre JR the Chairman and Chief Executive is confident that the AT&T brand name will deliver.  The company has conducted a great deal of advertising studies that indicate to them that people are looking to put all of their services under one company and for many that one company will now be AT&T.

Despite the fact that many younger consumers prefer the Cingular brand name, the new AT&T company will work to retain younger consumers by appealing to their desires, delivering the products and offerings that they demand such as the Apple iPhone which is set to enter the market next summer in at least an initially exclusive offering with Cingular/AT&T.