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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Internet Marketing Resources

Monitoring Internet Marketing Resources is a growing requirement for Distribution companies.  Often online sales of products purchase from distributors will be sold at levels or prices that do not adhere to the terms the distributors are bound to maintain. 

NetResults has created a internet marketing blog hoping to pool the efforts of multiple people in a group blog.  They will cover topics that will vary from  Web 2.0 to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and to general internet marketing topics.

NetResults Marketing Collaborative Site

This can be one of many valuable resources for monitoring new trends in internet marketing and web 2.0 technologies so as to keep up with a constantly evolving client base rapidly benefiting form new technologies and business models that may or may not adhere to contractual agreements with suppliers and other channel partners. 

Internet marketing and online sales is an extremely dynamic area that is constantly re-inventing itself and upgrading at a rate of almost once every 3-5 months.  Imagine a customer base of thousands of customers completely changing their business model 2-4 times per year.