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Friday, November 17, 2006

Unique Distribution for a Unique Marketplace

Many people in the distribution business face challenges and require a heightened sense of security.  Imagine never being able to use the cheapest freight possible.  Imagine having to hire and train three person teams to deliver your goods together.  Then perform FBI background checks on them to make sure they are not security risks themselves.

Imagine arming these people with handguns and rifles and giving them a bullet proof vehicle to transport your shipments.  Now imagine that you constantly ship product in to your 'warehouse' but you rarely ship product out.  You are not able to use third party warehouse systems and your warehouse has to be as secure if not more so than Ft Knox.

Brinks provides this service all the time, distributing everything from cash to gold bullion for exchanges like BullionVault.  If you are looking to store gold BullionVault uses Brinks like many distribution companies use FedEx or UPS, the difference being that the parcels weigh a lot more and the delivery guys are carry weapons.  Brinks has been securing its customers against losses for almost one hundred and fifty years (143 years to be exact). 

BullionVault takes gold bullion into its 'third party warehouse' owned and controlled by BrinksVault, which they refer to as a vault and then allow the owners to trade the precious metals on exchanges all the while maintaining performing a daily audit of the goods in storage available to its customers from the web.  They provide insurance of course on everything stored in their vaults.  Brinks must get good rates on their insurance as nothing has been lost from their vaults in 143 years.