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Friday, November 10, 2006

Time Share Warehouse Distribution

Could Warehouse distribution learn a thing or two from condominium timeshares for vacation properties?

I was reading a release relating to the history of fairfield resorts detailing how they changed the time share industry in 1991 providing customers with an allottment of points to be used in time share developments in many different places as opposed to the old system where a person would have to specify in advance how much time they would need in a single location.

It struck me that there are some similarities that could be applied to Warehouse Distribution space.  More companies are being required to temporarily hold products in warehouse space in varying locations around the world sometimes for limited amounts of time and this is coupled with a large supply of warehouse space going underutilized.

It might be more feasible for the warehouses to join in a cooperative environment to sell points for their space to be used by companies needing flexible arrangements.

This could help warehouses keep their operations funded and operating smoothly through periods of downturn while opening up new options for companies needing space that might otherwise be forced to enter into a long term fixed arrangement that is inflexible and does not cover their needs.

The missing component to this type of an arrangement is a company the size of Fairfield to pull enough warehouse space together under one holding company or at least under a cooperative such that the pool of available space would both be large enough, diverse enough, flexible enough and have trained personell ready to handle a quick upswing in temporary storage.