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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Business Travelers Web 2.0 Tips

Business travelers should take note of this next article.  I came across a terrific right up in this week on a site that covered 25 great Web 2.0 sites that can make your travel experience a lot easier.  Business travel got a lot easier a few years ago when some Web 1.0 sites emerged such as

Things get even easier when GPS devices started coming out and when Hertz rent a car started putting those devices in some of their rental vehicles.

Now you can get the benefits of some of the new web technologies that can make your travel experience even better.  These Web 2.0 technologies combine many sources of information in a way that helps to synthesize the thought process that you would make if you were traveling in an area that she knew.

 For example if you live in the Atlanta area and you know that at certain town today a certain area LAN a is going to be extremely congested with traffic you will avoid that area otherwise you will make it to your destination on time.  That is not information that you can pick up from using a map for MapQuest that will chart your shortest route straight through the middle of congestion.

A website called  published a great report targeted towards geeks, but you don't have to be a geek to benefit from the great tools they offer in the report.  They identified 25 of the more useful travel tips for geeks that are really just Web 2.0 tools that synergize information from multiple sources.  I can guarantee that you're going to find at least two or three tools in that report that you'll want to use in some of your future business travel.  If you don't find a useful tool there in your business traveler drop me a comment I want to hear why!