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Monday, March 19, 2007

Real Estate Correction Will Help Businesses Find Better Construction Partners

A Word for our Sponsors . . .

As the real estate market correction proceeds forward, businesses are about to receive an unexpected benefit.  Over the last few years of the real estate boom, many contractors and construction companies have been popping up like mushrooms in a pasture.  They come out of nowhere and bid on jobs and and close deals that they don't have any business being involved in.  Regulations and licensing in many states and cities is extremely lax or weak.  Due to the extreme demands of many businesses and individual home buyers, it has been very difficult to find a reliable contractor.

Now that the demand is starting to decrease, some of the better builders are going to be quite as busy and people have more time and take more time to shop around and find a good partner.  Over the last few years I've witnessed and heard of many different construction horror stories from developers and construction companies promising to complete multi-unit condo projects, subdivision developments, and office buildings.

At best many of these projects are coming in severely late and over budget and at worst some of them are not being completed at all.  Our sponsor is providing an e-book that can help identify several preconstruction secrets that might help your business avoid some of the pitfalls and benefit from some of these trends that are starting to rapidly change in the marketplace.