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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wirefly Deals on Ebay without any Carrier Strings

A word for our Sponsors . . .

Wirefly offers some great deals on cell phone plans from most of the major carriers.  They're normal website allows customers to browse for the right plan and the right phone combination.

On occasion however many of us don't want to change plans and were not looking for those teaser rates on the phone.  We just want to find the best rate on a phone.  Wire flight also has some excellent deals on cellular phones through their Wirefly eBay Store.

Through their eBay store you can find our bid on cellular phones in cellular accessories including Bluetooth headsets.  They've got a great selection of phones and their prices are very straightforward.

You can pick up the new LG chocolate for only $249, or you can pick up a Motorola eight 500 pink Bluetooth headset for $59.  My personal favorite is the Sony Ericsson W300I walk on cell phone and it's available for only hundred $179.  The phones come in brand-new in the box with full warranties and 100% guarantees.

For those of you that don't want to get locked into another two-year contract with your cellular carrier, Wirefly's eBay store may be the perfect solution.  Plus, you can get all of the benefits and security that normally come with purchasing products through eBay.