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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Introduction to a Branding Guru

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we would like to introduce you to a Branding Agency that is a true branding guru, hence their name, Brand Identity Guru Inc. 

Brand Identity Guru Inc. provides marketing services targeted towards improving and maintaining a good brand image for company, product or a website.  They worked to ensure that throughout a company's ecosystem of contacts and partners and suppliers and customers the brand identity grows and improves over time.

Many companies underutilized their contact base of partners in particular and just assume that their partners know who they are and what products they have and what's services they can offer.  This is a mistake as partners typically shuffled through people just like any other organization and even though the sales arm may have reached out initially and learned a little bit about a company that doesn't mean the rest of the organization really knows what you do.  As a partner or a customer or even to a supplier you have a unique opportunity to capture the attention of the company that you pay a to provide goods or services or work with on a day-to-day basis is a partner and you can utilize that attention to increase your own sales, but you can also use that attention to improve and increase your brand strength.  Your partners are suppliers don't have to purchase your goods or services but they can promote it freely and easily.  Our sponsors according to their latest release can help you maximize your return on investment with efforts such as these.