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Monday, March 19, 2007

Wii Wins Game Against Sony and Microsoft

Nintendo's hit product the Wii gaming console be out both Microsoft and Sony in unit sales during the month of February.  Nintendo's Wii sold almost as many units as Xbox and Sony combined.  The Nintendo Wii sold 335,000 units, while the Sony PlayStation 3 only sold 127,000 units in the Microsoft Xbox came in second selling 228,000 units.  Microsoft remains in the cumulative year long sales total race as they started selling the Xbox 360 a year prior to their competitors.  Microsoft is so far sold 5.1 million consoles.

Microsoft strategy might be one of if you can be the best console on the market make sure you're their first.  That's a very old lesson in consumer electronics in some ways it's a bit surprising that Nintendo and Sony missed the boat.  It's a lesson directly out of both of their playbooks.