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Monday, March 19, 2007

Dedicated Servers to Protect Your Customers Initial Impression

if you're running a small business today with a website to attract and hold customers, you may have your website running on a hosting plan. Typically these plans cost about $100 a year. They're excellent for sites that just need to provide some information about your company including contact information and descriptions of your services. You might even run a simple shopping cart from a host plan or a blog or a discussion forum. However if you're going to run more than one website including possibly a site for your customers in a separate site for your employees and maybe another site for your e-mail or even a series of sites on many different businesses, you should consider running a dedicated server. I'm not talking about making an investment where you install a server room in your business and higher in IT support person comes at watch server 24 hours a day. Instead I'm talking about leasing a dedicated server from a hosting company. Our sponsor DMG Dedicated Servers provides exactly this type of service solution for customers that need to maintain their sites in an environment capable of dealing with a high number of customer visits, extended bandwidth, or just resting with the secured out that your site is protected and backed up and ready to be brought back online in case of an emergency.