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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Market Correction Corrects Gold Pricing

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Oour sponsor the Mondex deposit Company (MDC) recently provided an updated press release regarding investments and gold.  Their press release highlights their abilities to help investors by itself and store gold.  Last week the markets saw a major corrections around the world in various different stocks investments commodities and bonds.

Gold and other precious metals saw a correction, and their prices are down off of some of their recent highs.  For investors that are watching the correction and looking for an opportunity to move into gold the time may be approaching quickly.  It's not good to buy into gold when it's at record highs, however at the bottom point of a correction investors might find an optimum time to take up a position in gold.

Regardless all investments should be balanced throughout a portfolio, and we always recommend that investors in precious metals should invest in the actual commodity and not in artistic renditions of various collectibles.  Collectors and investors should keep their projects separate in our humble opinion.