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Saturday, June 30, 2007

900,000 Tubes of Tainted Toothpaste circulated in US - Problem Still Growing

Earlier this month authorities identified a few thousand of tubes of Toothpaste from China that were suspected as tainted.  They also found knock off toothpaste labeled as Colgate but shipped from South Africa.

Now the Toothpaste problem appears to be larger than originally suspected. 

The New York Times reported on Thursday that about 900,000 tubes of tainted Chinese toothpaste were more widely distributed in the U.S. than previously thought and had been distributed in correctional facilities, mental institutions and some hospitals.  Government is distributing tainted products to the nation’s more vulnerable people.

Source: Dismal Scorecard For FDA


Like the petfood recall, that originally started with a few small reports the tooth paste recall seems to be unfortunately expanding and growing.  Tainted tooth paste has been pulled from dollar stores originally, but now also its being found and pulled in hospitals, prisons and juvenile detention centers in small containers that might be described as travel sized.

The question that remains is how many more tainted tubes of tooth paste from China or South Africa or some other country are floating around in the world wide markets for consumers to use and potentially get sick or die?