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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cornucopia of Online Degrees to choose from

It is a buyers market when it comes to finding an online degree program.  A recent press release indicates that there are over 1300 different schools offering professional certificates and degrees online.  Those schools have a combined total of over 9000 different online degrees to choose from.  The selection is growing so fast and is so large there's really no reason why a person with a decent Internet connection can find and make the time to get a degree.

Online degree programs have improved dramatically over the last few years as educators learn how to teach online and teach very effectively.  Good programs are typically broken up such that a student takes one class at a time.  Those classes are somewhat accelerated and taught within time periods at last typically from six to 10 weeks at most.  This enables the students get a very in depth in concentrated view of a particular topic, complete that topic and move on to the next course.  This is somewhat different than typical colleges that teach three to five courses through a semester at a time.

Students still get the same number of courses within the same timeframe, they just focus on one class at a time.  When you take a class on line this allows you to stay on top of your classes, stay focused, and build the results of completed coursework one after the next.  If a student needs to sit out of class for a week or two in between these classes they can pick up with the next track of courses that come along and they won't miss anything.  This enables telecommuting students to stay with their program and completed in a very timely manner.