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Friday, June 15, 2007

Retail inventories up in April

Retail inventories were up slightly in April by 0.3%.  The ratio of inventory to sales did not change and held at 1.46.  In addition import prices rose 09% in April another potential signal of inflation, this one coming from overseas mostly China.

 The inventory glut from last year seems to be coming to an end.  Many sales seem very strong across all sectors despite the hints of inflation, high gas prices and a troubled mortgage market. 

Much of the data in the report had been released previously. The one new bit of information was the 0.3% rise in retail inventories in April.

In the retail sector, sales fell 0.1% in April. The retail inventory-to-sales ratio stayed put at 1.46.

Source: Businesses work off overstocks in April - MarketWatch