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Friday, June 08, 2007

Distributing to Kids Channels

There are many ways to grow your sales channels.  Selling products to cater to kids channels is one of them.  Its not as easy as putting a simple print on kids bedding however.  You need to pay attention to two different customers when you move into a kids channel.  The kids and their parents become the decision makers in this equation.

You have to be either fun or pretty or cool to make the kids happy and you have to be safe and practical and durable and possibly educational to make the parents happy.  The parents might also want fun, pretty and cool also but that is a lesson you will have to learn.

Many companies over the years have toyed with slapping a widget into a different plastic mold and saying, "That walkie talkie is for kids!" when it was previously for hunters or construction workers.  Just putting a Diseny charicature on a product doesn't make it "for kids."

But there can be a lot of benefits to be found in revenue growth, new sales channels and product line revitalization when you find the 'right way' to expand into a for kids channel.