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Friday, June 08, 2007

A Spy Sweeper that Might Save your Job, Career, Life and Keep you out of Prison

Yesterday, I reported on a teacher that had been prosecuted and convicted for allowing seventh graders to see the pop up porn that had taken over her computer. Her conviction was over turned after four years when spyware experts revealed that her computer had been infected with spyware.

Its good that she has been cleared but who wants to suffer through that life scenario?

Its an extreme example, but spyware can cause serious harm in many ways.

  1. Your identity can be stolen
  2. Your passwords can be stolen
  3. Your computer can be rendered useless or slowed down to the point of non-function
  4. Your competitors can acquire your trade secrets
  5. Your clients, coworkers and family might be spammed

Those are just a few things that spyware can do.

Fighting Spyware with Spy Sweeper!

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It's well worth the twenty dollars and it might even keep your computer running, keep you in a job, keep you out of jail and more. Besides twenty dollars isn't much to pay for peace of mind and avoiding the hassle and stress of a computer that just doesn't seem to work right anymore.