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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Managing Office Supply Purchases - Maintain Efficacy and Minimize Expenses

When you run your own business especially with the relatively small business office supplies can be one of those things that will make one dime you to death. You need to provide office supplies your employees so they can get the job done and have the right tools available to get the job done efficiently quickly and without too much... moaning and complaining.

You also do not want to have your employees pilfer borrow and steal or in some absent-minded way abscond with your office supplies. You also don't want to invest a lot of money in your office supplies, because eventually you will lose them or they will be destroyed or something will happen to them.

In this regard for many office supplies it's important to get off the supplies that are functional but cheap. You don't want anything that's too glitzy were too expensive looking or two special even, you just want tools that work and you want the cheap because you're probably going to have to replace them on a regular basis. You may be signing the checks but you may not be filling in the dollar amounts, it's possible that you have an office manager or receptionist unit handles the ordering of discount office supplies and so you won't even see the final approvals so it's important to set up policies and set parameters for the types and quality of office supplies that you want to have brought into the office. If you're not making the purchasing decisions it's important to have the people that are document what they're doing, what they're buying and why they're buying it. If you start with the cheapest Bic pen but money can buy in the pen doesn't work and your office manager ops for the next version up documented so that future purchases are not made of the pens that don't work in similarly future purchases are not made of the gold dip pens that cost $40 each and are rapidly stolen within 20 minutes of hitting the supply shelves.