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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Who Needs Marketing When You Have 60 Minutes Coverage?

There is some buzz that money just can't buy.  Hoodia was recently featured on 60 Minutes.  They talked about how Hoodia is supposed to work and how the reporter that tried it actually got it, to work.

Hoodia is a natural appetite suppresant.  Most diet drugs are some form of stimulant and they try and get your body to 'speed' up and process food faster.

Hoodia fools the brain into thinking that you are already full so that you eat less.  Kind of like one of those surgeries that decreases the size of your stomach. 

With hoodia you do not eat as much and do not desire to eat more.  With a gastro intestinal bipass, you want to eat more mentally, but your stomach can not hold as much.  Your eyes are still larger than your stomach.

Getting featured on 60 Minutes in an 'expose' that exposes that your product works is definitely the kind of marketing that money just cannot buy.