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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Aggregating Internet Searches into Localized Sales is launching an internet service that performs the function of aggregating internet searches from their website through a process that enables the searcher to find products and brand names online through the Krillion site.  Searchers can price compare and research the products ranging from electronics to consumerables to Whirlpool Dryers (an example provided in their press release).

Once the online consumer zeroes in on a product they can then refine their search even further.  They can filter that search down to show where in their local community the product is available and how much it will cost.  Consumers can then make arrangements to buy the product at their desired price and possibly from a trusted retailer of preference.  They can then hop in their car (or truck if buying a dryer) and drive to the store and pick up their product right away without having to wait for shipping, which often adds to the price of internet products in a way that can turn consumers away from an online purchase.