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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Preventing Fuel Theft on Fleet Vehicles

Gas prices and average gas prices are soaring around the country and they really don't show any signs of improving anytime before the 2008 election. Small businesses and companies need to be twice as vigilant in protecting their vehicles and fleet of vehicles that hold fuel.

More and more theft of gasoline out of vehicles is starting to occur around the country as people siphon gas out of gas tanks. Fleet vehicles are often times very susceptible to this activity especially when they are visiting a client or on some routine errand where they might be parked outside in a less than familiar area for more than 2030 minutes at a stretch.

This isn't something that just happens in the city either, farmers have to worry about the same thing as gas prices are high everywhere even in rural locations. It's not unusual for a farmer that keeps a transfer tank in the back of an F350 to have large quantities of fuel stolen right out of their extra gas tank. In that regard it's always wise to double protect your vehicles and find a way to put a locking mechanism on your gas tank. For aesthetic reasons many gas tanks and gas caps have gotten away from putting locks on the capture tanks over the years. After the energy crisis in the early 70s it became more common to see locks on gas caps and gas tanks that required a key entry.

You don't see that very often today but you can find them and have them installed on a special order. Don't be fooled by the remote entry gas caps that come with some cars today. Just because you have the little lever inside your car to flip open the gas cap doesn't mean that a fuel thieves can come along with a small crowbar and pry open your gas To steal the fuel from your car. Though probably do a couple hundred dollars damage to your car and steal $5,200 in gas on the same shot. Protect your fuel with a real lock and not with a gimmick that the auto manufacturers provide you by default.