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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Apple iPhone Rates with At&T are Out

If you're thinking about an Apple iPhone, AT&T just published the results of their new rate plans for the iPhone.  The rates will range from $60-$100.  This will include plans that provide unlimited data access which normally costs about $20 from AT&T.  AT&T's plans to not normally cover unlimited text messages, but that seems to be thrown in with the new AT&T plan for the iPhone.

The plans for the iPhone include minute usages of 450 minutes to 1350 minutes in at $60-$100 grouping.  No one is yet identified whether or not people to purchase the iPhone will have to pay an early termination fee of $175 if they cancel their plan.  It is also not yet clear whether or not the iPhone will be sold with a minimum two-year contract to AT&T which has a five-year exclusive deal with Apple.

One thing's for sure, the iPhone doesn't have a keyboard and it's yet to be seen whether or not this product will truly be useful or if it will be all hype. 

Link to PC World - Apple, AT&T Unveil iPhone Rate Plans