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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Appreciative Coaching

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Our sponsors Cappella University have recently provided a press release about one of their faculty members. Sara Orem recently published a book titled "Appreciative Coaching: a Positive Process for Change". The book details a number of recent studies and developments in the world of psychology and organizational development. It provides the concept that students in higher education environments benefit when leaders teachers and counselors appeal to their sense of ideal.

The book promotes the concept of appreciative coaching and walks readers through four stages described as Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny. Basically they are trying to teach people how to tap in to the motivation that comes with idealism. It's one way that leaders were teachers can help harness the power of a person's passion. When you make appeals to a person's ideals and the things that they want to see your improve is easier for them to grasp the benefits that they are providing to themselves and the world and possibly help them to see the big picture. Providing this type of vision to motivate people is not a new concept, however this new approach identified in the book may be a new twist.

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