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Monday, April 09, 2007

Power of the Power Nap

Throughout any given busy day we all find ways to recharge ourselves

and focus our energy and and work on the tasks at hand.  In any given process or work setting it often becomes necessary to pause operations and take a break to perform maintenance.  Sometimes during his downtime we are able to get a new appreciation of areas where we can prove performance refine processes or make out-of-the-box breakthroughs that we couldn't see while we were running things at a breakneck pace.

The same thing applies to a business process also applies to the people that run those business processes.  For many years we've been pushing the health kick that encourages people to exercise regularly and consistently to keep their bodies healthy and also to reduce stress so they can react appropriately to the situations that occur in any normal business life.

There's a new area opening up that promises even larger breakthroughs in productivity and accuracy.  It's the concept of the Power Nap(see ultimate Guide to Power Napping).  There have been many productivity studies that show that people work best when they have regular breaks throughout their workday.  In many settings however people are producing at levels that have never been seen before, and short breaks, while very helpful are not entirely covering the strange that develops for people that are working 45 and 50 and 60 hours a week not to mention evenings at home, work on the road and work on the weekends.

For executives that are always on, they need to consider taking short power naps or breaks to reset their body and their minds.  Just like a personal computer gets bogged down with too many processes running and needs to reboot or at least Run a RAM Optimizer program, people need a break and need to reset as well.

You would not want to make an important decision when you've been up for more than 24 hours, or when you've had less than a couple hours of sleep.  That same logic applies when you've been working 12 hours straight, age 20 to 30 minute nap can help you get things and focus and relax your mind so that you can make a key decision in the 13th hour.