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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Distributing Religious Wares

For thousands of years businesses have grown up in a around religious items. some entrepreneurs make religious items, some make icons, and some make religious artifacts. They often times have different names in different meanings but they almost always have a price. Today people can buy religious jewelry or catholic medals or lawn ornaments even bobble heads for their car.

The movement and sale of these goods often times works just the same as they do with any other goods. The products are made in a cheap location by the cheapest labor available and distributed to a location where funds are in heavy supply to pay for those goods. One of the differences is that these items sometimes would appear to be luxuries if they weren't religious in nature. When religious connotation is attached their value goes up and the likelihood that the poor will pay for them increases as well. In this regards business and religious goods can command a premium over business and other goods.

I'm not saying that that is right or wrong on just remarking on the fact. I personally don't do business and religious artifacts are goods, but I do find it interesting from the study and perspective of different variations in international trade and business.