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Monday, April 09, 2007

Tom Zosel to Help Caribou Coffee Model Its Supply Chain

Tom Zosel Associates announced that they will help Caribou coffee model is supply chain looking for greater efficiencies and distribution.  They're hoping to optimize service-level relationships in a way that will help support the cost of the different business channels.

This type of review and optimization is rapidly becoming necessary and essential for many growing companies as well as entrenched companies are looking to cut costs or maintain their market share.  Caribou coffee is the second-largest specialty coffee retailer in the United States, and if they hope to hold on to that number two position and even contemplate grabbing more market share they definitely need to stay on top of their game managing supply chain and making improvements and distribution on a regular basis. 

Link to Tom Zosel Associates Helps Caribou Coffee Model Its Supply Chain Network to Tap Logistics Efficiencies