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Monday, December 11, 2006

Belisi Fashions Product Line Marketing Efforts

Peter Belisi started building his design and fashion empire as a bartender in Palm Beach serving Palm Beach old money.  Overtime he developed a reputation with his friends, coworkers and customers by simply creating and accumulating a tie collection.  He paid for this with his extra earnings.  Never wearing the same tie twice, his reputation grew.

Peter Belisi launched Belisi Fashions a clothing accessory line and recently released the creation of a company blog to help push out the Web 2.0 Marketing buzz about his products.  Belisi Fashions targeted sophisticated customers, providing the service of tie-ing one on with fabrics of richer quality than a bar towel.  His clients didn't loosen up as much as they used to and even came out of the experience looking a little more polished with Belisi Fashions than they had when they began. 

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