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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Microsoft Increases Distributors to Drop a Distributor-The Weakest Link

Microsoft made some significant changes in its UK channel structure and temporarily taking the number of its UK distributors up from six to 10 back in October.  The overall change was not permanent by a long shot.

Bell Microproducts, C2K and Ingram Micro are in a competition of sorts to remain in the mix.  Their metrics and sales targets will be evaluated towards the end of April to determine which distributor will be dropped from the Microsoft product line up.

The Christmas season is largely over already for distributors.  The next question they must deal with is a question of how much product might be returned or turn up defective post holiday and then how much of a boost can they push out from new products in January.

The good news is that if they have bad news, they have about 3 months to figure out how to pull out a miracle.

Current UK Distributors

  1. Ingram Micro
  2. C2K
  3. Westcoast
  4. VIP
  5. MicroP
  6. Blue Solutions
  7. Actebis
  8. Ideal Hardware
  9. Northamber
  10. Enta


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