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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Take Me to InternTown

For years companies have been putting interns to work and helping to provide college students with exposure to the real world while at the same time benefiting from reduced costs relating to labor.  Interns also can provide an excellent source of insight into a company with a few fresh ideas and new perspectives plus maybe some more recent technical skills.  Well internships are starting to experience the effect that is the flattening of the business world and internships are becoming a global business.

Enter InternTown a UK based website that works as a global marketplace for interns.  They list internships with companies from all around the world bringing together business not only with interns but interns with a more international perspective.  Not only can interns bring more perspectie because they are still in University, but also because they might come from a different country and bring an even greater level of diversity, culture and the added benefit of bringing in interns that speak multiple languages.

Employers can perform an intern search at InternTown, specifying their search based on the start and end date of the internship and list their Country of Nationality along with 1st and 2nd language requirements.