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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bill Amelio Spreading Lenovo Love

Bill Amelio is attempting to create a miracle with a little love.  He has an unenviable task of spreading the love around the world to convince business users to purchase Lenovo computers from his Chinese Company. 

There was a time when corporate customers could not get enough of these computers.  That time was back when the computers sported the big blue brand of IBM.  Those days are gone, rapidly left the building when Lenovo took over the laptop business from IBM.

Since then the brand name prestige and especially the perception of customer support has rapidly evaporated at least to the point where most corporate consumers still feel that the glass sure isn't as full as it used to be.

So Bill Amelio is on a full court press around the world to spread the love.  It would not surprise many people if he sent his major customers's Valentine's day flowers one gift basket to every buyer.  He definitely has his work cut out for him and he's not the only CEO that suffers from the China syndrome.  Wal-Mart's CEO has been engaged in a similar full court press not from the direct perception of running a Chinese company but from all of the tangential issues that relate to cut costs through cheaper Chinese labor.