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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Corporate Train Wreck on You Tube or end of Zany Morale Boosters?

Over the years I have had some great bosses and a few really bad ones.  One thing that was often a universal is that eventually a leader will do something a little strange to make a point, motivate the troops, or just because its the company picnic or christmas party or something.

In this day and age of video recorders everywhere, executives, leaders, managers and supervisors all have to ask themselves if they should let their guard down and throw caution to the wind.  They need to understand how the rest of the world will react to their goofy motivational speech.

That is exactly what Ethan Chandler did not do.  He and a fellow employee Jim Debois wrote a song called "One Bank" based on the U2 Song One.

Ethan then proceeded to Bring It.  Great for his fellow employees at the time.  Great even for people around the company that weren't there for the live performance as the company made a video and provided it on the intranet.

In the age of YouTube however, that video was taken and distributed on YouTube and other viral video sharing sites and now Mr. Chandler has been spread around the internet like a Jim Carrie character. Gaining him and BankOne the wrong type of notoriety. So leaders now have to ask themselves if their potentially morale boosting antics will play well in front of the world, shareholders or future interviewers.