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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Web Marketing 2.0

Last week one of our related publishing sites, Maven Mapper's Information covered a simple run down on the Web Marketing 2.0 industry.

The article covered the value plays in the industry, but didn't focus as much on the appropriate times to apply different strategies.

US Web offers many different options and services that can help companies increase link popularity to their primary website's home page or even to individual product or service pages within that site.

US Web's services are excellent at helping sites build valuable and contextual links back to their site.  Many companies employee marketing strategies that include the occasional press release.  One of US Web's tools works to insure that a companies press releases get spread to cover the internet and at the same time provide links back to the companies site.  This fulfills to simple needs, the creation of greater buzz about that particular press release and the companies good name and it increases the number of links to the companies websites. 

Increasing links to a companies website is vital for a company to reap the rewards of Google Searches.  This can be viewed as free advertising, like a listing in a phone books white pages is free.  Some companies even pay Google to Advertise their sites, like listing a company in the yellow pages, but US Web's services help enable people performing a Google Search to find their website based on keywords and this drives people to their site where the company's web team can work to land a customer or pull in more leads.

Its like having the operator recommend to your customers your phone number as opposed to your competitors when they call for directory assistance and you can take steps to insure this happens for you and your company!