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Friday, December 01, 2006

Epocrates Continues to Push Distribution of Online Services

Epocrates is continuing to make strides to move its successful PDA information services online shifting to a web based model.

Epocrates has long provided excellent services to medical care personnel around the world in the form of a software index that helps doctors and nurses make more accurate decisions about prescriptions, drug interactions, and appropriate dosage of medicines.  As an example if a doctor wanted to know more information about the Drug Plavix they could rapidly pull up information that specifically addresses many common concerns such as should the drug be taken with food or milk, or swallowed whole or what are possible side effects to beware of and what are serious side effects that would trigger a patient to seek medical attention or cease taking the drug.

Epocrates like many companies is now working to make this useful content and data available in an online format to extend the availability of their brand, services and products.

This is just one more example of how many companies are finding ways to make their knowledge available and marketed as a useful service for people in their industry.  Many companies are working to gain additional attention for their products and services and find ways to turn that knowledge into an additional revenue stream.

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