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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ABF To Expand

ABF Freight has announced quicker transit times for their North American network Tuesday amid fears of recession. Apparently 24,000 U.S. "station to station" lanes will be sped up. ABF's goal is to utilize 1,300 new next-day lanes as well as implement about 21,000 new second day lanes in more than 400 zip codes. This plan will reduce transit times in over 25% of their lanes.
"ABF’s most recent expansion of its regional service is now in place, resulting in additional transit-time improvements in tens of thousands of new regional lanes. In fact, we’ve been successfully executing the latest enhancements for almost a month now, refining the new service before introducing it to the market,” said Wes Kemp, ABF President and Chief Operating Officer."
Currently, ABF Freight's North American system services all 50 states, Canada, Guam, Mexico and Puerto Rico.